Engineers for Automation

Engineers for Automation

Since 1986, we have been providing highly focused Technical Professionals for positions in Manufacturing. Our experience allows us to deeply understand your culture, which then allows us to make placements that last. We believe that the value of a company is determined by the talents of it's people. We find good people.

Watching how our industry has changed over the last 20 years has been a sobering ride. From the early days when corporate spend on recruiting was indeterminable to the days of very large vendor on premise contracts. Today, people are placing value and quality over quantity. We can see these changes in the forms of the influx of new technologies and the adoption of enterprise hiring and sourcing practices. We see that along with the increased influence of purchasing departments and the geometric rise in recruiting firms that treat people like commodities, the procurement of talent has become more confusing and often difficult than ever before. We know the expense of a bad hire, and we protect our clients by providing best in class candidates who have been thoroughly vetted.

We embrace new technologies that can facilitate our search for the right candidates like Twitter, LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Dice, Careers in Food, and many others. These tools allow us to discover the best candidates for our clients, but we never forget that ultimately, it is a matter of answering 3 simple questions:
1 - can the candidate do the job?
2 - will the candidate do the job?
3 - will the candidate accept direction?

Technology serves us in locating and identifying candidates, but ultimately it is the recruiter's ability to read people that allows us to make placements that last.


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